About Us

The Awkward Sex Show is the storytelling podcast where The Most Awkward sex/love story wins. Praised by Cleveland Scene Magazine for "debunking myths and asking the awkward questions," the A.S.S. Podcast receives 4,000 downloads monthly from a world-wide online audience. Hosted by comedian Carey Callahan and featuring both seasoned performers and real people with incredibly awkward stories, the A.S.S. podcast uses humor to spread knowledge, compassion, authenticity and legs for our listeners. 30% comedy, 30% the kind of therapy you get when you go to the bar with your best friend, and 40% telling embarrassing stories in front of strangers, we only want to make sure all you weirdos understand we're not alone in being seriously fucking confused about this stuff.

Tim Cornett

America's Tim Cornett loves Jesus, America, and producing cutting edge podcasts. In addition to the Awkward Sex Show, he is a regular cohost on It Doesn't Matter You're Gonna Die and is working with Dixie De La Tour to produce a podcast for Bawdy Storytelling, San Francisco's original and wildly popular sex storytelling series. When he's not pushing the boundaries of free speech, Tim can be found on stages all over the Midwest delighting audiences with funny stories delivered with down-home charm.

Carey Callahan

Carey Callahan, host and co-creator of the Awkward Sex Show, is a Berkeley Comic and Transsexual on The Go hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. He's charmed and surprised audiences with his goofy stories and jokes since 2006. He wrote the previous sentence about himself, in third person. He has performed all over the Midwest, including venues such as Zanies, Chicago’s Mayne Stage, Chicago Underground Comedy, Chicago's "Lincoln Lodge," The Cleveland Comedy Festival, and the Ohio Lesbian Festival. (You know, before.) When he's not recording the A.S.S. podcast or performing standup, he still tries to get people to tell him their awkward stories.

Jenn Dronsky

Recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence (it came with the frame),Jenn Dronsky has been collecting prestigious comedy awards such as “Winner of the first Alameda Comedy Competition”, and “Winner of the third Alameda Comedy Competition” . Originally from Southern California, Jennifer fled to San Francisco at the sweet age of seventeen to pursue her passion for fashion. After creating two lines; Fashion for the Living Skeletons (a line for fashion models) and Baby, I mean Business (business clothes for babies), Jennifer sought a more receptive target market for her creative mind. Currently residing in San Francisco’s odiferous Tenderloin district with her fiance, two cats and ever mounting tiny porcelain cat figurines. Jennifer draws upon the odd happenings and uncomfortable conversations that seem to be omnipresent in her life.

Bridget Callahan

Bridget Callahan is a writer and comedian now living in Wilmington, NC. She spends her days at the beach and her nights at Nutt St. Comedy Club, so her life is pretty awesome, except for always being broke and having to sleep with surfers. But she does think fondly of her life a year ago, when ASS first started in Cleveland and she co-hosted with Carey. If either of them had any decent grasp of recording technology, she would totally still be on the show a lot, but in the meantime you can read her stuff, and find links to her books at bridgetcallahan.com

Ramon Rivas II

Ramon Rivas II, eminent latino and stand up comedian from Cleveland joined the Awkward Sex Show crew after Bridget moved away. He began guest co-hosting among a panel of comics Carey asked to sit in on the show. Eventually, the chemistry between the two bros on the show led to him becoming permanent co-host until the show moved locations to San Francisco. His stoners curiousity and random interjections led to some wonderful A.S.S. moments. Follow him on twitter.com/BlazerRamon