A.S.S. Podcast Live at The Stork Club!

Sep 28 2013
Carey Callahan

All of our fall dates will happen at Oakland’s Stork Club, 2330 Telegraph Ave, on Sundays at 6 pm.


September 29th Competition:
Your sex life isn’t race to the top…OR IS IT? Let’s hear about when the pure joy of human connection got eclipsed by some ego demands. Did you wrest an encounter with the football star away from your best friend? Did your Dungeons and Dragons buddies pine for the same hot nerd for years, and did anyone end up making it happen? Or perhaps you were in a competitive endeavor- law school, sports, comedy, beauty pageants- and the competition was an aphrodisiac that enabled some night time cooperation?

October 6th Fat:
This show we’re exploring what it’s like look for love in a body society wants you to hate. What strategies can we use to feel cute, and lovable when magazines tell us those three adjectives can’t exist before you get to your goal weight? How can you avoid going on dates with people who can’t believe you don’t have a goal weight? And what is particularly awesome about working with a body of some substance in bed/ in love?

October 20th Tops:
For our Halloween episode, we’ll be hearing from the people who thrill and scare us- the bosses of the bedroom, the sadistically sensual- those terrifically terrifying tops.  We’ll hear from folks that have mastered playing with the inner darkness and mastered some hot people along the way. How do you indulge your inner control freak/ egotist/sadist while keeping yourself level? What do the more bottom-y among us need to know about taking care of a top, emotionally, physically, leather care-wise? How have you embraced the personality traits our mothers and teachers told us were “nasty” or “bad” to create sexual experiences that were nasty and bad in the most addictive way?

November 3rd Rock Bottoms: 
Let’s hear about the sweetness of submission from people who love to get got. When we talk about “getting screwed” as a euphemism for being hurt and made powerless by bosses and landlords, what does that mean for those of us who consider playing with powerlessness and pain a great saturday night? How do you ask for some humiliation, getting roughed up or just some very aggressive direction giving in the bedroom while establishing you still want autonomy and respect everywhere else?

November 17th Kissing and Telling:
Has humanity ever been more into radical self-disclosure? Have we ever had access to more real time info on who is doing what to whom, and how and with exactly what accessories? And what are the up and downsides to turning your sex life into art? Let’s hear about the joys and regrets of going full TMI- what fallout/blessings have you experienced from telling all your business? Has an ex confronted you on including them in your novel, song, comedy, collage, very explicit mural? Did you work through some leftover pain and come out the other end, or did you cause a little bit more? If you make art from your sex life on a regular basis, what boundaries do you use to remain kind/ keep a little something for yourself?

December 1st Disabilities:

What is important about our bodies- what they look like? What they can do? The stories they tell about us? Our capacity to experience pleasure and pain through them? We’ll talk to folks with disabilities about the intersection between the quest for connection and living in a body marked non-normative.

December 15th Porn Performers:

We’ll round out our fall season by hearing from the people who turn us on, get us off, and most importantly, keep us from thinking about how it’s WORK. What happens before and after the cameras roll? How do you get in the mood while also thinking about camera angles? What do the rest of us need to know about boundaries with our favorite porn performers?